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Southern Rivals - Spring Edition - 2021

Join us on Saturday 10TH April 2021 for a SAME SEX pairs competition with the option to enter at either scaled or RX level. Each pair will take part in 3 workouts with the final 6 pairs in each category going through to the final.
Workout demos and movement standards will be announced online in the week leading up to the competition.
Entry is £28 per person and can be purchased using the link below – places are very limited! We’ll be in touch with you nearer the time to get your team names for your boards so get thinking!
Unsure whether to sign up to RX or Scaled?
RX athletes need to be able to perform the following movements and weights:
Pull Ups
Thrusters 50kg/35kg
Deadlift 100kg/70kg
GTOH – 70kg/45kg
Scaled entry would be suitable for anyone unable to perform the RX standards as long as they have a basic understanding of the fundamental movements in CrossFit. An example of the types of movements and weights you’d need to be able to perform would be:
Hand Release Press Ups
Ab Mat Sit Ups
Single Unders
Jumping Pull Ups
Thrusters – 35kg/20kg
Deadlift – 70kg/50kg
GTOH – 45kg/30kg