Phantai Black Moon Mandala Mat - Out of stock

Looking for an ultra-grip yoga mat? Stop looking. Phantai have designed the unique Moon Mandala Yoga Mat with a smart and functional design to give you the best foundation to your daily practice. Featuring non-slip technology, fully cushioned base, central line for alignment guidance, and bigger size, this mat will give you the comfort you need to perform serious asanas and stay focused on what really matters
The Moon has a powerful influence over every living thing on our planet. Using the moons energies to release and let go allows us to create the space for new beginnings and amazing opportunities, ensuring that we continue growing and moving forwards every time we come to the mat
Non-Slip Technology
Non-Toxic Materials
Central Line for Alignment
Longer and Wider
4mm Cushioning 
Weight: 2.6kg
Carry Bag Included



Out of stock