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Yin, pranayama and meditation workshop with Amandine Babin - In studio

This relaxing workshop will start with a soothing Yin yoga sequence followed by 45 minutes of Pranayama (breath work) and meditation. Pranayama consists of regulating your breathing through various techniques. Yogic traditions see Pranayama as an expansion of our life force (prana) and is considered as the bridge between body and mind. By calming and lengthening our breath, we can soothe and settle the mind.

We will work on techniques to gradually guide you into a meditative state of sharp awareness and increase your breathing capacity. The power of your prana will take you into a deep state of concentration while the Yin practice will take you into your body.

Yin is a healing and passive practice focusing on stretching the connective tissues. Each pose will be held for between 2 and 4 minutes to stretch the fascia (a web enveloping muscles, organs, bones) and stress the ligaments in a healthy and safe manner. Yin promotes the flow of energy within the body by removing deep blockages stuck in the physical, emotional and mental Self. This experience will lead you to surrendering and taking a look at what lies underneath the surface, “your surface”.

Expect to be nurtured but also work deeply through the connective tissues to release tension away. Your breath will be your anchor as well as a magnifying glass to notice the Self on a level you haven’t yet. If you need to find some stillness or if you need a safe space to rest and feel yourself, join this workshop :)