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Embodying The Empowered Feminine with Awakening Yoga and Beth Win

Embodying The Empowered Feminine with Awakening Yoga and Beth Win

A Yogic exploration of practices devoted to the awakening of the embodied Feminine.

Are you experiencing burn-out, fatigue, overwhelm, lack of sleep or an over active mind, a desire to be nourished by a loving community of other women, a space to process feeling, change or a letting go?

Does your heart crave the feeling of ease in your bones, in your skin? In your body ? To have a practice to cultivate peacefulness in your mind, a spaciousness in your chest, pleasure, confidence and power in your body?

This workshop is dedicated to sharing wisdom practices that nourish, honour and celebrate the uniqueness of each woman in her return to her empowered state.

Empowering the slowing down, the guilt free, indulgent and restorative act of resting
Empowering confidence in our bodies, creative movement, expression, and the significance of our relationship with ourselves as the foundation for all others
Empowering the part that knows pleasure to be a state that shifts our entire perspective, changes how we approach our lives, our minds and our relationships
Empowering the confidence in recognising sensitivity as a super power
Empowering yourself in every choice you make, recognising your time as sacred and the value self care

This deeply healing and nourishing workshop is open to all women, absolutely no experience required!

We have limited spaces to keep an intimate setting.

Just £25 for 2 hours