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6 Week Pilates for Beginners Course with Clare Sheridan

6 Week Beginners Pilates Course

Want to improve your posture, core strength, flexibility and balance but worry you will feel out of your depth or self conscious in a class setting?

Then this course is perfect for you!

Lost in Yoga is excited to announce their next Pilates for Beginners course of 2020 every Saturday from 1pm - 2pm starting 15th February

This is a 6 week course aimed at absolute beginners and for anyone who has done some pilates but wants to learn more. A perfect introduction or refresher. A lot of people continue to do multiple beginners courses as Clare will help to progress you each time.

Each week you will focus on a different aspect of Pilates and build a repertoire of Classical Pilates Exercises. Each movement is fully explained so that you understand why you should do it, what your goal is, and the key teaching points to make Pilates safe and effective for you. We will cover the key postures, core stability, pelvic neutrality, breathing techniques, philosophy and relaxation. These basic ingredients will then be brought together to form a sequence of exercises that will allow you to attend open classes with confidence and build your own self-practice routine should you so wish!

Compassion takes precedence over getting it right, we want you to feel confident and comfortable whilst encouraging self acceptance and exploration. This will be a slow and steady class adapted to suit all bodies.

The 6 week course is usually £90 however, we are currently offering an early bird discount with the course for just £65!

If you cannot make the whole course you can register for single classes (space permitting) at £14 per class, although we would recommend doing the whole 6 weeks as each week builds on the previous one.

About your teacher:

Clare first discovered Pilates in her 20s as a remedy for chronic back, hip and shoulder problems caused by a childhood accident. She began practicing Pilates at the renowned Alan Herdman studio in London where she learned how to move in a way that enhanced spinal function, managed the old injuries, plus improved her overall strength and mood.

After qualifying as a Personal Trainer in Sydney it became evident to Clare that Pilates was the missing link to improving movement, managing or avoiding injuries and creating a challenging workout in a safe environment.

Clare’s sessions work both the body and the mind in a format aimed at strengthening the core muscles to tone the body, whilst improving posture and mobility. Her teaching style leaves the student with a sound understanding of why they are performing the exercises plus a feeling of achievement after each session! Intensity levels (load, exercise complexity and time under tension) are adjusted according to a student’s needs and current ability. This makes Pilates equally applicable to athletes and those who train more traditional strength using weights as it is to someone who has a more sedentary lifestyle or rehabilitating an injury.

Clare incorporates a variety of exercises ranging from more traditional Pilates through to the modern field of Integrated Functional Movement, and includes the use of various equipment to create the ultimate environment for learning and development...enhanced by a healthy dose of fun.

Clare has been teaching at the prestigious Light Centre Moorgate studio for the last 4 years, we are so happy to have her :)

Please note: If you cannot make all 6 classes we do allow students to make up missed classes. We need a minimum of 3 hours notice if you cannot make a class and we will let you make up the missed class on an alternative open class within 1 month of missing the class. Get in touch if you are not sure :)