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Wise Woman Slow Flow, Relax and Restore Workshop with Mary

This is a workshop for all women, but particularly those transitioning through the menopause and beyond. Suitable for women new to yoga as well as those with experience, all can benefit from this relaxing workshop.

The menopause is an opportunity to pause and reassess life. One of the most important things you can do in menopause is take time to look after yourself!

This will be a tranquil space and an opportunity to calm the nervous system, to tune into the mind and body and bring about a sense of equanimity.

The afternoon will commence with a simple and effective breathing exercise to settle the mind and calm the body.

Followed by a slow flowing yoga sequence - including postures which can help with some of the negative symptoms of the menopause (eg. hot flushes, fatigue and mood swings).

We will then move into a series of restorative poses to open the body through passive stretching using a wide range of props - an excellent antidote to stress and anxiety...

Finishing with a long, nourishing yoga nidra (yoga sleep), one of the easiest yoga practices but an immensely powerful meditation technique. A guided practice, allowing the practitioner to enter the stage between wake and sleep, leaving them with a sense of wholeness.

Participants can take away with them a sheet of simple yoga techniques to use at home to help cope with negative symptoms they may be experiencing.

Early bird prices are just £25, £30 on the day