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Madhya Nadi - An Exploration of the Midline - Katrins last Workshop

Madhya Nadi- An exploration of the midline

In yogic terms, the body's energetic midline is called the madhya nadi, the central channel or graceful channel. A focus on that central line invites more spaciousness into yoga postures like back arches, more expansiveness into our breath and groundedness into our sense of Self.

This 2.5 hour workshop uses three yogic techniques to create more awareness of the midline:

You will practice yoga postures with a special focus on back arches to strengthen the spine and open through the front side of the body.

Backbends are an excellent counter-movement to our often slouched positions in everyday life. Opening the anterior spine can alleviate back pain and create a healthier posture, which in turn will make you breath more relaxed and feel happier. The focus here is on strengthening and lengthening. Strengthening the abdominal muscles to lead us safely into back arches by supporting the lower back. Lengthening the whole spine to allow a sense of flow in the body and breath.

Using the power of the voice to find deep inner peace, mantras are a great tool to still the mind and return to an easeful resting place within.

Simple breathing techniques will guide the yogi's attention along the midline and bring them to a greater connection to their innate bodily wisdom, intuitive insight and creative inspiration.

All three practices are a guide back to your still point in this turning world, a grounded sense of being your Self. An invitation to fully surrender to what is in your life right at that moment. It may bring about quiet contentment and joy, offering simple techniques which you can take back into your everyday life.

This workshop is just £25 and will be Katrins' last workshop at Lost in Yoga before she moves away.

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