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Meditation and Mindfulness - 4 week Course with Holly Harman

Starting Sunday 20th October from 3pm until 4pm

Mindfulness and Meditation go hand in hand to help calm the fluctuations of the mind and be in the present moment.

Over a period of four weeks you will learn what both mindfulness and meditation are, how to be mindful and ways of integrating mindfulness into your day and different meditation practices to find which resonates with you. You will become more self-aware, aware of your surroundings, understand the workings of your mind, learn to be still with yourself and make space to receive. This course will teach you to create space for yourself and the importance of being present in each moment.

A little more on Mindfulness and Meditation...

Mindfulness is a simple and very powerful practice of training our attention. It’s simple in that it’s just about paying attention to what’s happening here and now in a non-judgemental way. It’s powerful because it can interrupt the habit of getting lost in thoughts, missing out in the everyday moments that shape our lives.
With practice, mindfulness can serve as the perfect antidote to healing stress that can sometimes undermine our health, performance and quality of life, and can provide a sensation of relaxation. Indeed, the evidence has shown that it can be an effective aid in the treatment of many mental and physical health issues, as well as generally improving our performance, relationships, and well-being.
Meditation is both a skill and an experience — a formal exercise to sustain awareness, compassion and single pointed focus. By sitting with the mind, we’re training it to be more open and at ease, and we consequently discover greater calm, clarity, contentment, and compassion. In doing so, we can discover many truths about ourselves that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Life is sometimes difficult and while we can’t control what happens, we do have the potential to transform the way in which we relate and respond to those things. We are often left feeling frazzled, stressed, disconnected, helpless and sometimes lonely but the more we can stay in the present — not bogged down in thoughts or reactivity — the more we are able to take life in stride. Meditation can provide a reset for the mind through a graduated path of learning in both awareness and single pointed focus.

The usual course price is £50 for 4 weeks however we are currently offering an early bird price of just £40 for one month only, book your space now and improve your life. Drop ins also available at £13 per class, although we do recommend doing the whole course.

Give this as a gift to yourself or a loved one.