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Workshop - Yoga for Runners, Cyclists and Movers with Matt Mulchahy

The repetitive movement from running, cycling and other sports work at shortening certain muscle groups, making them tighter, less stable and ultimately leaving you open to injury. Yoga can help to improve overall performance in any sport, by safely releasing tension in overworked muscles plus integrating the use of breathing exercises.

Join Matt for a 2 hour workshop aimed at releasing tightness along the four quadrants of the legs, mobilising the hips through their range of motion, opening the front of the body with backbends and side stretches and inviting space back into commonly tense areas. You’ll also learn various breathing and mindfulness exercises aimed at improving lung capacity, helping to take your running or cycling to the next level.

Through longer holds to improve elasticity in ligaments and stabilising techniques to maintain injury free movement, you’ll learn how to incorporate these into your regular routine, whether you enjoy moving professionally or leisurely.

Open to all levels of yoga experience.

This workshop is £25 for 2 hours, book now to reserve your space!

It is also possible to use a class credit as partial payment.