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Pregnancy Yoga Course - Nurture, Prepare and Unwind with Katrin

5-week Pregnancy Yoga Course
Sundays 1pm - 2:30 pm including tea, biscuits, chats and a different topic for discussion every week.

Next course starting on the 14th of July

Yoga benefits circulation, helps against stiffness and prepares the body for labour. In the safe space of the yoga class, you will have the opportunity to relate to your baby, move through the challenges of pregnancy with yoga postures and use different breathing techniques, to find ease and calm.

Each week will have a different focus point in preparation for a positive labour experience and motherhood. The 5 weeks will build upon each other and include the topics:

* Breath work to ride the waves of pregnancy and labour

* Conscious connecting to the baby through sound and touch

* Pelvic floor awareness, elasticity and strength

* Instinctive movement, surrendering to the innate wisdom of the body

* The workings of hormones during pregnancy

* A mindful journey into motherhood

After each session, you will have the chance to connect to other mums-to-be over a cup of herbal tea and biscuits. We will discuss a different topic focussed around pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Additionally once during the 5-week course, an expert will join for tea (midwife, doula, osteopath, reflexologist) The expert will change with each course. You will also have the chance to join the group WhatsApp chat if you would like to have further support and share information with others on the course.

This class is aimed at all pregnant women after 12 weeks and up to term, with or without prior yoga experience.

It is still possible to book this course if you will miss a class or 2, you can make up the missed session/s on the next course.

We keep the course numbers small to allow for a more personal and intimate setting, book your space now!