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Tai Chi and Qi Gong Taster Session with Harold Coggins

Would you like to reduce stress, strengthen your immune system and increase energy levels?

Then join Harold for an experience like nothing else! You will come away feeling calm, confident, strong and (hopefully) inspired.

You will be introduced to some of the key elements of his upcoming 6 week course starting on 1st June.

This taster will include elements of:

* Tai Chi and Qi Gong
* General Qi Gong - Breathing, Moving & amp; Stretching
* Zhan Zhuang (Standing Like A Tree)
* 24 Step Yang Tai Chi Form
* 18 Step Tai Chi Fan
* Long Tai Chi Fan

Open to absolutely everyone.

Tai Chi can:
* Help cure and prevent illness
* Strengthen the immune system
* Reduce stress and improve health
* Reduce anxiety and depression
* Reduce high blood pressure
* Slow the loss of bone density in women
* Improve muscle strength and definition
* Increase energy, stamina & agility
* Increase feelings of well-being
* Improve cardiovascular fitness
* Improve balance and coordination
* Improves concentration
* Relieve chronic pain
* Improve sleep

We recommend loose clothing during practice to be comfortable and enhance good circulation of the chi energy.

This taster is £15 however you can use any class pack apart from the 2 week intro deal