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6 Week Yoga for Beginners Course

6 Week Yoga Course for Complete Beginners

Do you want to have more energy, think more clearly and improve your mood?

Always wanted to learn yoga but scared because you’re not ‘flexible’?

Do you worry you will feel self conscious in a class setting?

If you answered yes to the above, this course is perfect for you!

Lost in Yoga is excited to announce their Yoga for Complete Beginners course every Thursday from 8pm - 9pm starting on June 20th 2019

This is a 6 week course aimed at absolute beginners and for anyone who has done some yoga but is a little out of practice. A perfect introduction or refresher. After class there will be an option to head to a local coffee shop for a chat and to connect with other like minded individuals sharing a similar journey.

Each week Mary will focus on teaching basic yoga postures (asanas) with a real emphasis on moving the body in a slow and mindful way whilst connecting movement with the breath. Compassion takes precedence over getting it right, we want you to feel confident and comfortable whilst encouraging self acceptance and exploration. This will be a slow and steady class adapted to suit all bodies. You will learn a range of breathing exercises and techniques to help focus your mind and stimulate relaxation. You will leave feeling happy and lifted, both emotionally and physically :)

Don't worry if you are going to miss a week, we allow our students to make up the class with a drop in class of your choice within 3 weeks, we can advise you on our other beginner friendly classes.

The 6 week course is usually £90 however, we are currently offering an early bird discount with the course for just £60! Numbers are limited to allow for personal attention and a small, tailored class so please book now. Once you sign up we will send you an email with all of the details.