3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Middle Splits FleX TriX Special - Pole - Mixed Level - FLIGHT

Dance Fitness - Studio 1 Pink Kitten (Unit 1 The Old Malthouse, 4-6 Pennywell road, Bristol, Bristol, BS5 0TJ, GB)
(Unit 1 The Old Malthouse, 4-6 Pennywell road, Bristol, Bristol, BS5 0TJ, GB)
4 out of 12 Attendees

... In this session, we will be exploring all the techniques and flexible moves that will give your Flexible Pole TriX that wow factor!

This is a Mixed Level Session. (6-week pole experience preferred).

Whether your goal is to be a Tripple XXX FleXXXi Mistress of Flow, Queen Feline Of the Floor, Nail those Leg Scales, Smash that Eagle out the sky, Achieve awesome Arabesque shapes, Uncoil the Secrets of the Cacoon, unleash your Allegra, Closed Gemini, or win the Battle for Ballerina; there will be moves for everyone to try, whatever your level.

There will be an accessible light hearted stretch/conditioning session to begin to focus on and isolate the muscle groups we will be engaging, elongating and relaxing to achieve those lovely lines needed to reach the flexible moves you desire.

The class will incorporate a long flexibility focussed warm up , flexible flow sequences, active flexibility training and conditioning and the class will be wrapped up with a deep stretch.

Not to forget the important part.....THE TRIX!

Don't think you're bendy enough?

Don't Worry!!!

Your teacher will give you all of the Hot Tips to guide you through all of the move progressions, technical pointers and conditioning exercises that will allow you to reach that ultimate goal!.. we break down each move and guide you through the steps you will master to obtain the Ultimate FleX TriX !!! ....

You will all be a Super SeXi FLeXi Mistress of the Bend by the time we are finished here....

Dance Fitness - Studio 1 Pink Kitten


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