1 p.m. - 2 p.m.

Ballet Floor Barre with Oh! Carolina - FLOOR

Dance Fitness - Studio 1 Pink Kitten (Unit 1 The Old Malthouse, 4-6 Pennywell road, Bristol, Bristol, BS5 0TJ, GB)
(Unit 1 The Old Malthouse, 4-6 Pennywell road, Bristol, Bristol, BS5 0TJ, GB)
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Oh! Carolina has trained in Paris to teach ballet floor barre - The skills you learn will be beneficial for pole and circus performers as it really creates length in limbs and beautiful long lines, as well as creates strength, particularly core!

It's also great if you're rehabilitating an injury, as it's all floor based and non-weight-bearing.

Floor-Barre is a ballet-based technique – traditional ballet barre exercises are performed on the floor, sculpting the body and creating long, exquisite lines. It corrects placement, strengthens joints and lengthens muscles.

Floor-Barre is great for circus artists, pole and other dancers who would like to strengthen their core, and add the grace and beauty of ballet to their performance or practice. It is also ideal if you are rehabilitating from an injury as it is not weight-bearing, and the movements are slow and controlled. With Floor-Barre you can find your inner ballet goddess!

Caroline is qualified to teach the Zena Rommett Floor-Barre Technique, the original floor-barre system which originated in New York in 1968, and which is practiced by many professional dancers around the world.

Caroline is also a yoga teacher and personal trainer with many years teaching experience, as well as holding numerous other fitness and dance qualifications. She performs under the name 'Oh! Carolina' as a sideshow and burlesque performer.

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Dance Fitness - Studio 1 Pink Kitten


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