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Beginners Pole Tuesday 7pm May

Our Beginners Pole courses really are for complete beginners, you don’t need any experience to take part so don’t worry. By the end of your 4 week course, you will be doing things you never thought possible.
You will learn:
How to stand, walk and glide around the pole elegantly
6 different spins
A routine combining all the spins and dance moves you have learned over the 4 week course.
Once you have completed the 4 week Pink Kitten Dance School Beginners Pole Dancing course you will have the foundations of pole dancing and you will be ready to move on to a level 1 plus class.
£40 for a 4-week course.
Remember if you need more practice we also have practice drop-in and daytime sessions for all Pink Kitten Students.

Pole classes are all about having fun, you will enjoy yourself so much you won't know where the time went! You will meet great people who support and encourage each other, and make some great friends for life!

Please note as we run smaller classes than some other schools, so we often get fully booked up, advance booking/ online reservation is recommended.

We have a maximum of two people per pole. Our smaller class sizes mean you get more attention and bespoke training and development from our teaching team.

We find this results in faster learning than in larger classes.