Luxury Quad Room - Single Payment
  • Will begin on March 21, 2020
Starts on March 21, 2020. Expires March 28, 2020.
The quad suite are all located on the bedroom room level above the main floor. It occupy the corner areas on that level of the villa. The suite are extremely spacious offering double beds that can optionally be separated into singles. The quad suite is similar in layout to the dual suites and has the same bathroom facilities and walk in wardrobe but the office/seating area has been replaced by a second double bed to allow more flexibility.

Terms and Conditions

All participants must make themselves aware of the terms & conditions & accept the risks associated with the weeks activities, each guest must be responsible for taking out the appropriate personal accident, holiday & cancellation insurance for the full duration of the retreat, this is a condition of booking one of our retreats.
The MZ9 Fitness Company, known & referred to hereafter as MZ9 Fitness accepts bookings subject to the following conditions as laid out below.
Interpretation & Definition
In the agreement unless otherwise specified the following expressions refer to the following meanings.
Booking – The booking made by the client with MZ9 Fitness & as set out on the MZ9 Fitness booking form.
Booking Form – The booking form produced by MZ9 Fitness to be completed by the client when & upon making a booking with MZ9 Fitness.
Contract – The contract between the client & MZ9 Fitness under which the services are provided by MZ9 Fitness to the client.
Client – The person, business or company who makes the booking with MZ9 Fitness. All individuals to whom the services are provided by MZ9 Fitness must be of a minimum age of 18 years. Under special circumstances MZ9 Fitness may consider offering a retreat place to a person between the ages of 16 & 18, however this would only be the case with a written acceptance by MZ9 Fitness & with special terms & conditions attached, the guest must agree to comply with any & all special conditions.
Payment – All the packages gives the client to choose between two options. Payment of full amount and payment plan.
Fee – The amount payable to MZ9 Fitness under the contract.
Force Majeure – Any act, event, omission or accident beyond MZ9 Fitness reasonable control including but in no way limited to Act of God, war, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, compliance with any law or government order, rule, regulation or direction, accident, breakdown of plant or machinery, fire, flood, storm, adverse weather, default of suppliers or subcontractors, strikes, lock-outs, or other industrial disputes, failure of a utility service or transport network.
Major Change – A change in the date, location or over 80% of the content of the service.
Recordings – Photographs, videos, or any other audio visual recordings taken of the clients during the provision of the services.
Wording – wording importing the singular meaning shall include the plural meaning & vice versa. All wording within the booking conditions is generalized & any reference to any gender includes the other genders.
A contract for the services is made between MZ9 Fitness & the client on the issue of a written confirmation of booking by MZ9 Fitness.
The contract is subject to these booking conditions which the client has been deemed to have read & fully understood. These booking conditions can only be varied by written agreement between MZ9 Fitness & the client.
The activities & services provided by MZ9 Fitness to the client under the terms of the contract & service shall be construed accordingly.
To place a booking with MZ9 Fitness, MZ9 Fitness require a completed booking form together with the payment of the total amount or the first payment of an option of payment plan. Bookings should be made via the website
If a booking is made by telephone, e-mail or in person, the client shall be deemed to have read & fully understood these conditions & signed the declaration on the booking form. All bookings are provisional & are only confirmed when the deposit payment has cleared MZ9 Fitness‘s bank account.
MZ9 Fitness reserves the right to decline any booking at their discretion.
Fee & Payment Terms
The fee payable at the time of booking shall include the planning, organizing & delivery of the proposed services.
Upon the successful payment of the retreat fee by the client a contract is formed for the agreed program to be delivered, If the client wishes to alter any aspect of the program additional reasonable costs may be levied by MZ9 Fitness at their discretion.
The full retreat fee is payable eight weeks before the commencement of the course unless agreed otherwise on confirmation of booking. In the event that the balance is not paid MZ9 Fitness will have the discretion to treat the booking as cancelled by the client & to re-sell the course place, the fee paid by the client will be retained by MZ9 Fitness.
In the event that the balance is not paid on time MZ9 Fitness will have the discretion to treat the booking as cancelled by the client and to re-sell the course place, the fee paid by the client will be retained by MZ9 Fitness.
MZ9 Fitness will charge a late payment fee to those guests who do not pay within the time frame specified in the payment terms & conditions, the late payment fee will be £50.00 per person.
Responsibilities Of The Client
The fee paid for the retreat does not include travel to & from the site / location at which the proposed services shall be provided & this shall be the sole responsibility of the client unless otherwise agreed in writing with MZ9 Fitness.
The client is responsible for their own personal medical requirements, clothing & footwear for the duration of the services unless otherwise agreed in writing with MZ9 Fitness.
It is the clients responsibility to inform MZ9 Fitness in writing of any health issues that may make them unsuitable to participate in the services agreed, failure to disclose any such information may result in MZ9 Fitness terminating the contract & withdrawing the client from the services without refund, notwithstanding condition cancelation by MZ9 Fitness.
It is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure that the balance for the cost of their retreat place is paid in full & on time as per the terms set out by MZ9 Fitness.
It is the clients responsibility to ensure that they have purchased sufficient & appropriate travel & medical insurance for the full duration of their retreat.
The full retreat fee is payable 8 weeks before the commencement of the course unless agreed otherwise on confirmation of booking. It is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure that their payment is made on time & by the due date, as per the terms & conditions, MZ9 Fitness do not chase guest payments or send reminders.
Variations & Amendments
MZ9 Fitness reserves the right to change any price or other particulars of the services before the contract becomes binding.
If there is a major change MZ9 Fitness shall notify the client forthwith, MZ9 Fitness shall seek to offer the client arrangements as close to the original as it is reasonably possible in the circumstances. If there is any other change other than a major change MZ9 Fitness is not obliged to inform the client in advance or obliged to pay any compensation.

Cancellation By The Client
If the client wishes to cancel the contract they must advise MZ9 Fitness in writing as soon as reasonably possible. Emails can be sent to
Any cancellation of the contract will be subject to the following cancellation charges. For the avoidance of doubt the cancellation charges are based on the number of days before the arrival date of the services.
Date of cancellation – Cancellation charge
Less than 8 weeks from date of booked retreat – 100% of the fee
Less than 12 weeks from the date of booked retreat – 75% of the fee
Less than 20 weeks from the date of the booked retreat – 50% of the fee
More than 20 weeks from the date of the booked retreat – 25% of the fee
Cancellation by MZ9 Fitness
MZ9 Fitness will always endeavour to fulfil confirmed bookings, however, MZ9 Fitness do reserve the right to cancel. If MZ9 Fitness cancels a booking prior to the commencement of the services the client will be offered an alternative date, or a refund.
The contract may be assigned by the client to a third party subject at all times to conditions.
The client is unable to assign or transfer the contract to a third party without the prior written consent of MZ9 Fitness, if the client wishes to assign their contract, he or she must give notice in writing providing the full name, address & contact details of the third party. MZ9 Fitness shall then advise in writing as to if it consents to the assignment as soon as is reasonably possible. MZ9 Fitness reserve the right to refuse an assignment to a third party at any time & without reason, If subsequently a client has to cancel due to MZ9 Fitness refusing the assignment to a third party then the cancellation charges under cancellation by the client shall apply.
MZ9 Fitness may assign or sub contract to any third party the performance of any of it’s obligations under the contract without consent of the client.
MZ9 Fitness reserves the right to alter the content of the services at any time without notice to the client due to certain factors, including, but not limited to the weather, staff, & any physical fitness of the clients.
Any information on / about our services published by MZ9 Fitness for it’s literature & web site is designed for illustrative purposes only.
If the client elects not to participate in any of the services being provided, MZ9 Fitness has no obligation to provide an alternative activity or service & the client will not be entitled to a refund.
If MZ9 Fitness believes that a clients health & safety is at risk, or a client has failed to disclose any relevant health information in accordance with our terms & conditions, MZ9 Fitness may at its absolute discretion make decisions affecting the clients & where necessary may terminate the contract immediately.
The client must refrain from any illegal act or any conduct which may give offence or cause danger or damage to any person or property. If MZ9 Fitness or any of its staff, consultants or agents become aware of any such action then MZ9 Fitness or any of its suppliers may at their absolute discretion have the client immediately removed from any property or facility without refund. MZ9 Fitness will have no liability to the client under such circumstances.
EXTRA COSTS incurred by guests while at the retreat
All private 1-2-1 appointments with any of the retreat team health & wellbeing members, massage, additional meals, snacks, MZ9 Fitness clothing etc will be charged as extras to the cost of the retreat.
Failure of a guest to settle their account (extras) in full prior to departure & as set out by the retreat director will result in the guests credit card being charged for the appropriate amount, in addition an administration fee equal to 21% of the total unpaid bill will be added to the charge.
Definition Of All Inclusive
The definition of all inclusive will be 3 x meals per day which will be provided as breakfast, lunch & dinner & on full retreat days only, on arrival day only welcome dinner will be provided & on departure day only breakfast will be provided as part of the retreat cost. This applies ONLY to the retreats official arrival & departure days as specified in the published retreat dates for the appropriate year. The final night of the retreat there is no dinner meal included in the costs. All soft drinks and bottled water are included in the cost. At evening dinner wine and beer will be available and will be included in the costs. Any other alcoholic drinks will not be available or included in the cost.
If there is a problem during the services, the client must report it in the first instance to the course manager / retreat director, if it is still unresolved then the issue should be reported immediately to the Director of MZ9 Fitness so that all efforts may be made to resolve the problem promptly & effectively. In the unlikely event that the problem can not be resolved & the client wishes to make a complaint then the client must notify MZ9 Fitness in writing within 7 days of the end of the services. Failure to provide notice of the complaint in accordance with the above will preclude the client from being entitled to take any further action against MZ9 Fitness.
MZ9 Fitness venue has accommodation based in private suites, for retreat durations of 7 nights or less there will be no maid service offered, we operate a privacy policy for our guests & the villa staff respect this, if a guest requires supplies ( fresh towels etc ) or a technician in their suite the venue staff will only enter when either the guest is in attendance or with the permission of the guest, the exception is an emergency situation.
If a guest requests additional night/s at the venue, it must be understood that they will be provided strictly on an accommodation only basis, & additional nights will not include any of the services provided during the retreat, this includes membership to the Spa & gym, the venue may allow continued access after the retreat has finished but they will make a small charge for this, which should be paid directly to the venue. Each additional night will be charged at the appropriate rate & must be paid directly to MZ9 Fitness.
The retreat will be deemed to finish at 10.00 am exactly on the retreats official day of departure as specified by MZ9 Fitness.
The venue has a check out policy which requires guests to vacate their suites on the agreed day of departure by no later than 10.00 am, this is also the time however wherever possible if a guest has a later departure time they will endeavor to allow the guest to remain in their suite until their time of departure but it is not guaranteed & is at the discretion of the venue management.
None of the exclusions & limitations in these conditions are intended to limit any rights the client may have under statute or common law which may not be excluded, nor in any way to exclude or limit liability to the client for personal injury or death resulting from MZ9 Fitness negligence or that of its employees or agents, or for any liability incurred as a result of fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation by MZ9 Fitness.
The client understands that attending any activity or service provided by MZ9 Fitness involves some level of risk. These risks include but are not limited to physical injury or even death. By attending any activity or service provided by MZ9 Fitness the client agrees to assume these risks & agrees to release & discharge MZ9 Fitness & its Directors, employees & agents from any & all claims for liability.
Neither MZ9 Fitness nor any of its Directors, employees or agents will be liable for any loss or damage to any personal property or vehicle belonging to the client during the services.
***It is the sole responsibility of the client to purchase full & adequate medical, personal injury & holiday insurance for the full duration of their stay with MZ9 Fitness.
All guests must refrain from any illegal act or any conduct unbecoming a retreat guest, conduct or language which may give offence to a team member or guest or any act which may cause damage to property. If MZ9 Fitness or any of its staff, consultants or agents become aware of any such act / conduct then MZ9 Fitness & its agents may, at their absolute discretion, ask the client to leave the premises, property or facility, this will be without refund to the guest, in these circumstances MZ9 Fitness will have no further responsibility or liability to the guest.

Example of Privacy policy
Introduction and Privacy Notice
This document sets out how your personal information is used by MZ9 Fitness
This privacy notice lets you know how we handle your personal information and tells you about your privacy rights and how the law protects you.
Our Privacy Promise
• To collect only the personal data, we require for the purpose set out
• Not to sell your personal data
• To keep your personal data secure
• To provide ways to review and manage any marketing choices applicable
Please read this Privacy Notice carefully
Company Business
We are MZ9 Fitness and we operate from the following premises Pipers Business Centre, 220 Vale Road, TN9 1SP, Tonbridge.
For the purposes of data protection legislation, we are the Data Controller of your personal data.
When you use our services, you will share personal information with us. We want to be upfront and transparent about the personal data we collect, how we use it, who we share it with and the choices you have to manage, control and update your information.
Lawful Basis for Processing
In addition to our Privacy Promise, your personal data privacy is protected by law. Data Protection law states that we may only use your personal information where we have a proper reason to do so.
To process your personal data, the lawful basis we reply upon is:

• To fulfil a contract, we have with you
• When we are legally obligated
• When you consent to it
• When it is in your legitimate interest
• When it is in your vital interest
A legitimate interest occurs when we have a business or commercial purpose for using your personal data. This must not however, go against your own rights and interests. Where we rely on legitimate interest as a lawful basis for processing your personal data we will inform you.
How We Use Your Personal Information
Your personal data is collected via our Website and may also apply to such information collected when completing a ParQ form, Nutritional questionnaire Member Induction form and Signed Terms and conditions.
We use your personal data in different ways. The table below provides information of the category of personal information collected, the purpose of its collection and the legal basis upon which it is processed.
Category of Personal Data:
Name and contact details
Photos and videos
Purpose for Processing:
Contact you with retreat
Information and planning our services.
Send you information by email/message.
Fraud prevention/detection.
Social Media/website/advertising
Lawful Basis for Processing:
Performance of a Contract
Legal obligation
We only collect the personal data required for the stated purpose. If use of your data is required for an additional purpose over and above the stated purpose, you will be contacted for consent.
Special Categories of Personal Data
Special categories of data are sensitive personal data. We process the following Special Categories of Personal data as indicated below:
Category of Personal Data:
Health (ParQ)
Purpose for Processing:
Insurance cover and the interest of the client in case of an emergency.
Vital interest/legal obligation:
Lawful Basis for Processing
Protection of Personal Data
Protection of your personal data is important to us. We take the appropriate technical and organisational measures to keep data secure. These measures are put in place to prevent any accidental loss, alteration, disclosure, use or access in an unauthorised manner of your personal data.
Procedures are in place to identify and address any personal data breach. This includes obligates to inform you and the Supervisory Authority (Information Commissioners Office (ICO) in the UK) of a any breach where applicable.
Retention Period for Personal Data
We will retain your personal data only for as long as is necessary to fulfil the stated purpose(s) and if reasonably necessary or required to comply with legal or regulatory requirements.
We are required under UK tax law to keep your basic personal data (name, address, contact details) for a minimum of 5 years after which time it will be destroyed. Your information we use for marketing purposes will be kept with us until you notify us that you no longer wish to receive this information.
If we wish to retain your personal data for longer than the above stated period(s), we will write to you setting out our reason(s) for extending the retention period(s) and seek your consent to do so for an additional stated fixed period.
People who use our services
We offer various services to our members. We have to hold the details of the people who have requested our services, such as a gym membership, in order to provide it to them. However, we only use these details to provide the service the person has requested and for other closely related purposes. When people do subscribe to our services, they can cancel their subscription within the individual terms of their contract and are given an easy way of doing this.
People who email us
Any email sent to us, including any attachments, may be monitored and used by us for reasons of security and for monitoring compliance with office policy. Email monitoring or blocking software may also be used. Please be aware that you have a responsibility to ensure that any email you send to us is within the bounds of the law.

Sharing of Data
Your personal data is strictly confidential. MZ9 Fitness may, from time to time, employ the services of other parties for dealing with matters that may include, but are not limited to, payment handling, delivery of purchased items, search engine facilities, advertising & marketing. The providers of such services do have access to certain personal data provided by users of this web site.
We do not transfer your personal data out with the EEA
We may use your personal data to inform you about products, services and any offers that are relevant. This is what ‘marketing’ means.
The personal data we hold on you is collected from yourself. This information is used to determine the products, services and offers we consider will be relevant to you.
We can only send you marketing messages when we have:
• Received consent from you
• A legitimate interest’ (which must not be unfair to you)
Subscribers to our email newsletter have the right to opt out of our communication at any time. This can be done by e-mailing or an unsubscribe link can be found at the bottom of every email you receive.

MZ9 Fitness reserves all copyright which may subsist in the products of, or in connection with, the provision of all activities, services or facilities. MZ9 Fitness reserves the right to take such actions as it deems appropriate or necessary to restrain or prevent infringement of such copyright.

Your Right
You have the right to access the personal data we hold on you. This is known as a Subject Access Request.
You have the right to rectify any personal information we hold on you. A request for rectification enables you to have any outdated, inaccurate or incomplete information held on you to be rectified. To allow us to keep this information accurate, there is also have an obligation on you to inform us of any changes to personal information to keep it up-to-date.
You have the right to have personal information held on you erased in certain circumstances. This enables you to request the erasure of this data. This right is not absolute. Personal data that is required to be retained to comply with legal or regulatory obligations will not be eligible for erasure.
You have the right to have the processing of your personal data restricted in certain circumstances. This enables you to request the restriction of this processing data processing, but this right is not absolute. The processing of certain Personal data cannot be restricted where the processing is required comply with legal or regulatory obligations.
Data Portability
You have the right to have your personal data transferred to another party.
You have the right to object to any processing of your personal data where legitimate interest is relied upon as a lawful basis for processing. If you wish to stop receiving marketing info contact us.
Automated Decision-Making / Profiling
We do not operate any automated decision-making system;
If you would like to exercise any of the above rights, all requests should be made in writing using one of the following:
Write. MZ9, Pipers Business Centre, 220 Vale Road, TN9 1SP, Tonbridge
When you contact us, please have enough information to allow us to identify you e.g. proof of identity and address (driving licence, passport etc.)
Right to withdraw consent (if applicable)
Any consent given can be withdrawn at any time. Please contact us if you want to withdraw consent please click here.
Once we have received notification of the consent withdrawal, we will cease any processing of your personal data and, subject to our stated retention policy and any statutory obligations, will securely delete your personal data.
Right to lodge a compliant
We hope we can resolve any query or concern that you may have about our use of your personal data. You have the right to lodge a complaint if you are unhappy with how we use your personal data Please contact us by using the following link: click here
You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). The ICO website has more information on reporting concerns
If we decide to change our Privacy Policy, we will post those changes on the Privacy Policy, and/or send an email notifying you of any changes, at our sole discretion. It is your responsibility to stay up-to-date on our current policies. You should review the Privacy Policy on a regular basis
Media & Image Permission
MZ9 Fitness reserve the right to take any recordings of the client during the services, & the client accepts that all rights whatsoever arising in the recordings shall be solely owned by MZ9 Fitness. ?The client accepts & agrees that any recordings may be used by MZ9 Fitness at its absolute discretion in any manner, including but not limited to its web site, promotional material, social media posts & advertisements.
We have a Facebook page – @MZ9Fitness
We have an Instagram page – @MZ9_Fitness

Image Permission
For you and your Minor, if applicable, you hereby grant permission to MZ9 Fitness , and its affiliates and MZ9 Fitness employees, agents and representatives to photograph or video you or, if applicable, your Minor’s image, likeness, or depiction (together, the “Photos”). You, for yourself and your Minor, if applicable, hereby further grant permission to MZ9 Fitness to edit, crop, or retouch such Photos, and you, for yourself and your Minor, if applicable, waive any right to inspect or use or view such Photos. You, for yourself and your Minor, if applicable, hereby consent to and permit the Photos to be used by MZ9 Fitness for advertising and promotional purposes in any medium, including print and electronic publishing. You, for yourself and your Minor, if applicable, understand and agree that MZ9 Fitness may use such Photos with or without associating names thereto. You, for yourself and your Minor, if applicable, agree to and do hereby waive any claim for compensation of any kind as a result of MZ9 Fitness use or publication of Photos. You, for yourself and for your Minor, as applicable, hereby fully and forever discharge
Terms & Conditions
Please also visit our Terms and Conditions section click here.
Links to other websites
This privacy notice does not cover the links within this site linking to other websites. We encourage you to read the privacy statements on the other websites you visit.

Changes to this privacy notice
We keep our privacy notice under regular review. This privacy notice was last updated on 30th July 2019.