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8 weeks MMA Course

Suitable for beginners
Start Monday 1st October 8pm

8 WEEKS MMA COURSE at Wassmuffin Martial Arts Academy with Jordan Miller.

We have 25 spaces available for this course and offering a full package with 4 different martial arts on the top of the MMA classes.

MMA is not a martial arts but a combination of the best arts in the world mixed together to make you the best fighter you can be "on your feet and on the ground”. This is why we have decided to offer in this 8 weeks package the following activities:

MMA every Monday 8pm
JEET KUNE DO every Wednesday 8pm
MUAY THAI every Thursday 6pm
BJJ every Friday 7pm
BOXING every Sunday 12pm

This course is only £80 for the 8 weeks and it also include the Muay Thai Bootcamp classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:30am.

The simple reason why we offering you fitness classes in this program is to increase your stamina and fitness level which is in your best interest.

There is no need for to pay for the insurance as the £80 covers you for the 8 weeks program. However, for an extra £40 you can have full access to our gym and classes for the full 8 weeks.

Yes people, for £80 you can have 9 classes a week for your 8 Weeks MMA course or pay £120 and you can have full access to the gym for 8 weeks.

This package is for new and pay as you go customers only but Gold members can join the course for £50 and Platinum member are welcome to anything we do at our gym so no fees required.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

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