Bike Functional Threshold Power Assessment

Power changed training fact. Monitoring your speed can tell you only so much about a ride, heart-rate monitors can tell you a bit more, but knowing your power output is a quantitative, repeatable way to assess how hard you are actually working.

From a coaching perspective, with power data you can also accurately determine the specific performance requirements of a given event/discipline. That's almost like being given the answers to the exam questions, except of course the athlete still has to put the work in to reach the targets. But just having that predictor is hugely beneficial.

We're leading the way in allowing the athlete without access to a powermeter the opportunity to still test and montior their power output over time. We have access to both cyclops powerbeam pro trainers, powertap wheels, both available to use in studio by you.

The session includes physical assessment, rider interview, warm up, FTP test, analysis of results and discussion.

Duration: 90 mins

Contact Mark Harvey @ Take 3 to book directly: 01235 521707 / 07767 481755


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