Swimming Video Analysis and Stroke Correction Session

Struggling to breathe? Training harder not getting faster? Want to improve your efficiency? Annie is 'one of the UK's top coaches', she'll use advanced Video Analysis and Stroke Correction for swimmers for all ability levels, whether you're just starting out or aiming for the podium. She'll point out the great areas of your stroke and what you need to work on in a step by step way, tailoring the session to your unique stroke faults. You can even have your stroke compared to elite athletes to see why they swim so fast and efficiently. It will truly revolutionise your swimming and the benefits are priceless.

Running out of air?
Holding your breath stores CO2 and makes you feel like you need to stop after 50-100m. Learn to exhale smoothly and start swimming aerobically, making swimming feel much more relaxed.
You might have been taught holding onto your breath improves your buoyancy, in fact it only increases buoyancy in your chest and has a sinking effect on your legs. Exhale continuously and start swimming for longer periods with less effort.

Sinky legs?
Low sinking legs causes significant drag. Learn how to get those legs up and make swimming feel more effortless. Seeing your body position underwater for the first time is enlightening. Often you have no idea just how low lying your legs can be. Simple steps are taken to improve your streamlining without needing to kick hard.

Overly lengthening out the stroke causes hands to reach up to the surface and slows you down. Learn great catch set up to improve your propulsion and speed.
Putting on the brakes? Trying to reduce your stroke count often causes dead spots in the stroke, with hands resurfacing, elbows dropped and pushing water the wrong way. This stop start effect, reduces your stroke rate, efficiency and ultimately your swimming speed.

Rounded shoulders?
These days most of us sit down all day, leading to rounded shoulders and a slumped posture. This reduced upper back flexibility makes extending in line with the shoulder and good alignment more challenging. Poor posture and alignment in the water can lead to arm crossovers, scissor kicks and snaking through the water, which significantly slow you down. We'll go through some simple ways to start swimming straighter, improving your overall energy efficiency.


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