Cold Water Swimming Session £35

Coached Cold Water Swimming Session
Want to feel happier and healthier in just 5 minutes? Would you like to boost your immunity and libido?! Join the new cold water swimming craze, with two interactive webinars followed by a coached swim session in a controlled, safe environment with likeminded people. The perfect way to improve your physical and mental wellbeing in a totally natural environment. Coached by Annie Hollest, experienced open water coach and sports and exercise scientist with a passionate interest in the benefits of outdoor exercise.

Practical and theoretical elements in a safe, fun environment
This session will give you the confidence to give it a go! 
It’s highly recommended you attend the webinars before coming to this session. 

We will cover:
- Physical and mental benefits of cold water swimming 
- What are cold shock responses and after drop
- How to do it safely 
- Recommended equipment 
- How your body acclimatises
- Recommended swim times for varying temperatures