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Level 3: Freestyle Improver 6 Week Course £149

Been on our Level 2 Beginner Freestyle Course or know how to swim the stroke but your technique is holding you back? Want to refine your skills to complete an open water swim or triathlon? Then this course is for you!

We improve these areas of your technique:
Bilateral Breathing and Exhalation
Rotation - how much is enough?
Arm recovery - Swinger or Smooth?
Proper hand entry
Good alignment and preventing crossovers
Catch mechanics and pulling through more propulsively
How to achieve a streamlined body position 
What an effective kick looks like for triathletes and swimmers
Distance freestyle swimming technique & swimming continuously

This course is for you if you can already swim freestyle/front crawl, maybe you're struggling to complete a length or two without stopping. Perhaps you've learned in the past or need a refresher on new techniques. We also have a beginner freestyle course running in parallel which is advised if you're completely new to the stroke.

This course routinely fully books so please book early!

You might like to progress onto our Level 4: Improver+ Freestyle Course to iron out any individual stroke faults. These are extremely popular so please pre-book!