Level 2: Beginner Open Water Swimming Course Monday 13th May

Just getting into Open Water Swimming or Triathlon? Worried about how to swim in this new environment? Come and learn some new swimming skills to put your winter pool training into practice. Perhaps you want to modify your existing stroke, experience the washing machine effect of the mass start, or want to learn how to swim straight. This 3 week course will prepare you for any event you've got coming up, will enhance your confidence and give you a great head start for the open water season. You must be able to swim 100m freestyle/front crawl continuously. If you need to improve your stroke technique and endurance please contact Annie directly for a 1:1 session on 07429830696 or email annie@triswimcoaching.com

This course includes:

Swimming in the Open Water for the first time
Sighting techniques to Swim Straight
Swimming close to others
Stroke Technique Adaptations for the Open Water 
Mass Starts
Managing Anxieties and Phobias
Exhalation and Breathing Bilaterally
Transition 1 Practice
Pacing to swim continuously

Courses starting on 28th May, 25th June & 30th July. Runs on consecutive Mondays for 3 weeks 7.00-8.00pm.