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Move With The Trees

-It's not JUST climbing trees!-

Move With The Trees is a mini workshop by Ben Medder - and an offshoot to its parent full day workshop, Move With The Seasons - with Move With The Trees is a mini workshop by Ben Medder - and an offshoot to its parent full day workshop, Move With The Seasons - with the focus on introducing Tree climbing / Arboreal Locomotion and reconnecting to our ancient arboreal heritage. Open to to all levels of experience, whether you are not sure you are ready to climb to those looking for one of the most diverse ways to challenge and nourish your body.

Ben will cover how we look at trees/the environment and will suggest the spectrum of effectiveness and expression to explore different choices and qualities when moving in the trees (but not limited to). With techniques and principles to help you climb and flow safely, smoothly and creatively.

-Tree-running (Using Parkour techniques and mindset in the trees)
-Tree-dancing (Leaning more towards the expressive elements of flow and emotive impulse)
-Traditional Tree climbing (All things climbing up and in, with specific techniques unique to trees)
-Tree strength (building CONTEXT specific and transferable whole body strength)
-Treehab (The diversity of moving in the trees can help rehab under-moved sedentary bodies and provide long term movement nutrition)
-...and yes - many tree puns (Treeflexology, Troga and Treelates where very close to making this list, but don't worry they will feature in my poor sense of humour.

Of course some of the above are just convenient labels (tree-dancing/running/climbing/strength) to help describe certain qualities and contexts when interacting with the environment. There is a lot of crossover and a lot of the time no clear distinction, but it serves its purpose in framing explorations and stimulus for creativity.

There will also be the use of partner games on the ground and taken into the trees (ones that are close to the ground) to open up your creativity and adaptability. And the discussion and exploration of fear and calculated risk and the benefits and strategies to explore overcoming them.

And finally, listening to the songs of trees and seeing if they can reveal songs about ourselves and each other.

For a more in depth workshop, contact me regarding the next MOVE WITH THE SEASONS workshop.

Rediscover playful and natural movement in the context of nature and the season. Explore the blurred lines between expression and effectiveness when interacting with the environment or another human(s).

Ideas around a solo, group and locomotive (moving through you environment) practice - Delving into movement choices made from a utilitarian perspective and movement born out of creative impulses and the muddied water that does not care for attempts to define a difference. Whether moving in the trees and through the woods, with a partner, or with your own body in space, awareness of ourselves, each other and the change and qualities of the season will be our guide and our muse.