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P.A.I.R of Legs - Lower Body Development & Longevity

Do you want a P.A.I.R of legs that are: Powerful, Adaptable, Integrated & Resilient ?
Legs that are useful, can perform and are built to last.

This course runs weekly for 6 weeks.

Some of the topics covered:
- Mobility development and health for hips, knees, ankles and feet, building the prerequisite strength and control in ranges of motion you need for your movement.
- Power and speed development, including plyometrics and sprinting
- Resilience building using progressive adaption in irregular positions
- Footwork, coordination, agility and rhythm work - what good are your legs if you can not coordinate them to get into positions to produce power or find rhythm and deal with the unpredictable.

Content is informed and inspired by knowledge and experience learning from: coaching movement / natural movement, strength and mobility development using system such as Functional Range Conditioning, Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetana of Fighting Monkey, Rafe Kelley of Evolve Move Play, competing as a sprinter and long jumper at national level, with influences from boxing and other martial arts.