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Move With The Seasons - DUBLIN

This course has been cancelled
Everything has a season. Our bodies, our relationships with people and our habitat, our challenges and phases in life. Life isn't static it contains patterns, cycles and rhythm and with it opportunity for awareness, adaption and harmony.

Move with Seasons is an event to rediscover playful and natural movement in the context of nature and the season with a supportive group. It is my invitation to start a journey. Along the way we explore the relationship, connection and interactions between body, tribe and habitat - your self, group and locomotive practice - and how they sculpt one another. Does what we practice explore qualities and relationships we can carry over into life? How do we adapt to change if we don't expose ourself to variety, adversity? Is it useful to recognise parallels between your life and the changing seasons?

We move with each other
We move with the environment
We move with the seasons

Come and rediscover what moves you

You will experience:
•Rediscover playful and natural movement in the context of nature and the season.
•Explore the blurred lines between effectiveness (utility) and expression when moving solo or interacting with the environment or another human(s) and how creativity is cultivated in both.
•Ecological movement - Ideas around the cocreation of movement between body, tribe and habitat and a solo, group and environmental practice.
•Tree Dancing to Tree Running - learn how to flow in trees via the lenses of different forms of arboreal locomotion, tree climbing and dance. Play on the continuum of Treerunning and Treedancing. What techniques in Parkour work well in trees. How can we take ideas from our solo and group dance and movement situation practice and apply them to dancing with the trees
•Flow - learn to flow in context on the ground and over various obstacles, whether grass, bark or leafy terrain,
•Ground interaction - ground flow and break falling, rebuild your relationship, confidence and vocabulary moving on and getting to and from the ground.
•Partner/group interaction - rapport/connection building games, with roughhousing / rough and tumble play and contact improvisation
•Manipulative skills / cooperative building - Unique building and crafting tasks putting lifting carrying and tool use into context and exploring creative expression in finding harmony in adding to one's environment with the "sculpting of space"
•Mobility development tools - joint health and longevity, building flexibility with strength and control, resilience and the sensitivity to react to the unknown.
•An introduction to how strength training can be views with practical application to natural movement and dealing with chaotic situations in mind.