Fat Loss Hub

Are you struggling to lose body fat?

Perhaps you've made a good start, you're pretty active and you THINK you have a healthy diet but you need some specific numbers, recipes, strategies and accountability to get you to shift the pounds.

We've launching our Fat Loss Hub, based on the advice used by our clients who have successfully lost weight, which will guide you through what you need to eat, drink, how to move and what strategies you need in place in order to lose up to a pound a week.

Excess fat can increase your risk of heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, strokes and some lifestyle cancers. As you get older, these risks increase, which means you need to take action now and sometimes that means getting a little help.

6 weeks starting Monday 18th February which takes us up to Mother's Day. You'll start and end with a body composition scan, which includes weight, fat, lean tissue and disease risk factors. You'll get advice on creating the ideal diet for you and of course plenty of online support. We're throwing in one extra class a week if you're already a Fit School Member.

£39 for 6 weeks.


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