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Breathe COMPLETE Online
Breathe COMPLETE Online gives you access to all online classes and Vimeo to catch up on classes you miss. Breathe COMPLETE brings together all aspects of fitness: resistance training (to build and maintain muscle to keep you strong) and yoga (mindfulness, movement and meditation to keep your mind and body calm, flexible and focussed).

My aim is to empower as many people as possible to workout at home.

This membership is perfect for those who are confident and competent at working out at home and would just like to follow well planned and progressive workouts.

Yoga Online Membership
This membership gives you access to any of my online yoga classes. Yoga is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility through postures, mindfulness through attention and focus and relaxation through breathing and mindful movement. Yoga brings about a sense of balance and calm.

My online classes will guide you thorough a practice that energises and balances body and mind. I offer progressions and regressions of postures throughout so my classes are suitable for all levels. I would recommend taking my introductory online yoga course either alongside the online sessions or before you begin the live sessions.

Online 5-Class Pass
Begins on the date of the first registration. Valid for 90 days.

Yoga ONLINE Drop In Class Pass
Begins on the date of the first registration. Never Expires.
This pass allows you to drop into any online yoga class.

MOT Check In Session
Starts on the date of purchase. Never Expires.
This is 30-minute check in to dices whatever you feel you need.