The 60 Day Bootcamp Accountability Program
Begins on the date of the first registration. Valid for 60 days.
Our Accountability Program is a January Promotion Only and on sale until Friday the 5th of Jan 2018!

Effectively you will be placing a deposit down and will receive the following:

60 days of unlimited bootcamp
A Nutritional Program designed by a professional nutritionist, you will have to answer an extensive questionnaire for this to be designed
Recipes and meal ideas
Videos on how to take measurements and progressive photos
Access to an exclusive Facebook group with tips and help along the way
2 x 30 minute Mentorship Skype calls with our head trainer to discuss the diet, motivation or your training

In order to qualify for your money back on completion of the program we will expect the following:
A minimum of 30 bootcamp sessions completed over the full 60 days, which averages at 3-4 sessions per week - we will allow TWO catch up opportunities where you can catch up on ONE session the week after
Weekly photos uploaded in the facebook group of your shopping list
Measurements and photos at the start of the program, the middle of the program and the end of the program to be emailed directly to the head trainer. If you are uncomfortable with photos measurements only will do. We will NOT publish photos without your written consent.
2 Skype calls completed

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:
All terms and conditions for bootcamp sessions are stated on our website through this, here is a summary of T&C's for this product:

All health forms and questions must be answered before beginning the program and must be answered truthfully.
Once purchased, this product is non refundable or transferable so please ensure you can stick to the program.
We cannot extend any time onto the unlimited bootcamp access, so please ensure you have 60 days to commit to.
Once the program is purchased you have until the 6th of January to register for your first Bootcamp session, the 60 days will then commence or commence prior to the 6th if you book in before.
Once the program is purchased within 48 hours you will be sent a nutritional and lifestyle questionnaire, in order for us to design your program you will need to answer it. You will then receive your program by the 6th of Jan at the latest.
In order to qualify for your money back you will need to complete the detailed list written above.
Should you complete the program and qualify for your money back, your money will be refunded onto the original card you paid from, this can take up to 7 working days to show on the account due to clearing processes.
For any questions please email