Bootcamp Block of 8 Sessions
Starts on the date of purchase. Valid for 3 months.
This purchase is for a Bootcamp block of 8 sessions for bootcamp sessions only. The Bootcamp Block of 8 Sessions are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. Sessions must be completed within this time frame or will expire.
We have a wide variety of weekly sessions, to book your sessions please go to our timetable and start booking.
Thank you for your purchase and we hope you enjoy Bootcamp SE16!

Did you know that if you refer a friend and they sign up for a block too, you receive a free session? Just make sure they mention your name when signing up, or email us their name.
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Terms and Conditions

This membership will entitle the purchaser to 8 Bootcamp sessions to be used within a 3 MONTH time frame from date of purchase, 3 months is the maximum time for the membership to be used. Blocks CANNOT be placed on hold, extensions will ONLY happen in case of extreme illness or injury where proof of illness or injury will be required by a GP letter. Some classes/events may be excluded from this membership. This membership cannot be refunded. Please note we have a 4 HOUR CANCELLATION period prior to when the class starts, if you need to cancel please do BEFORE the cut off period or you will lose your credit.
Unless otherwise noted, this membership is non-transferable. See our full terms and conditions for more information

Further terms and conditions from our website for your reference, an abbreviated version:

a) Bootcamp SE16 reserves the right to take any recordings of the Client during the activity and the Client accepts that all rights whatsoever arising in the recordings shall by solely owned by Bootcamp SE16. The Client accepts and agrees that any recordings may be used by Bootcamp SE16 at its absolute discretion in any manner including but not limited to its website, promotional material and advertisements. Should the client want to opt out of this agreement, they must verbally or in writing communicate their preference.

b) All literature and material produced by Bootcamp SE16, including, but not exclusive to; websites, forms, images and graphics are the sole property of Bootcamp SE16 and may not be copied or duplicated for either personal or commercial use. Bootcamp SE16 reserves all copyright which may subsist in the products of, or in connection with, the provision of the all activities, courses or facilities.

c) All information and text found online through Bootcamp SE16 is for illustrative or informative purposes. Under no circumstances should any information found on the website be constituted as medical advice. Should you be experiencing problems you must seek medical attention.

d) The Client shall not at any time during or after the term use information gained from Bootcamp SE16 for commercial purposes or financial gain, nor divulge personal information of other clients at Bootcamp SE16.


a) The Client understands that attending any activity or service provided by Bootcamp SE16 involves some level of risk. These risks include but are not limited to physical injury or even death. By attending any activity or service provided by Pro Impact Fitness Ltd the Client agrees to assume these risks and agrees to release and discharge Bootcamp SE16 and owners and employees from any and all claims for liability.

b) Bootcamp SE16 holds no liability whatsoever for any injuries past or present. When attending sessions the client accepts and acknowledges that no exercise program is without inherent risks and that, regardless of the care taken by the physical trainer, he or she cannot guarantee the client’s personal safety.

c)  The Client agrees to and shall abide by any rules or instruction laid down by Bootcamp SE16 in regards to safety or proper practice.

d) In the event that a Client is found to not to be following the rules or instructions provided by Bootcamp SE16 and/or its authorised representatives he or she shall be given a verbal warning.

e) If, despite being given a verbal warning the Client continues to disobey the rules and or instructions provided by Bootcamp SE16 and/or its authorised representatives, the Client shall be provided with a further final written warning.

f) If, despite the written warning, the Client continues to fail to adhere to and abide by the instructions given by Bootcamp SE16 or its authorised representatives the Client will be suspended from Bootcamp SE16 without further notice and will not be permitted to participate in any and all of the activities of Bootcamp SE16 until such time as written consent is provided to the Client by Bootcamp SE16