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Self protect defense with Sal

Self protect with sal is a self defence course run by Salim Nazeer, a self defence trainer with extensive experience and passion for martial arts.

About the course:

The course is based around how an attacker targets, and approaches a potential victim.

Whilst the idea is to avoid potential situations, advice is also given on how to further reduce the chances of you becoming a victim.

It highlights how to protect yourself from potential attackers and is very educational.

Techniques are shown to protect your personal space as well learning how you will feel in such an encounter.

Each session has a particular theme and begins with a discussion and a demonstration, of which the participants go onto practice.

Drills include how to protect your personal space, and defend yourself from other type of attacks.

This course includes 5 sessions run at Stave Hill Saturday mornings at 9.30am for one hour. Once you’ve signed up you’ll need to add yourself to our private Facebook group to access regular video and content.

Please note: this course is non refundable, please ensure you can come along to all sessions before making the booking. If you miss one session we cannot offer a make up class due to limited space and courses available.

Sal’s qualifications:

A number of years experience in Tae Kwondo
Aikido, Filipino Martial Arts, JKD, the highly decorated women’s self defense system, “New Breed Self Protection”

Instructor certificates in:
Knife defense Level 1 and 2
Black Belt in Goshin Jitsu Karate Kai
Padbox Level 1 and 2 Boxing
Personal Safety / Self Protection Level 2
BTEC Self Protection
Advanced Award in Conflict management instruction
Level 3 instruction in conflict management instruction
Student of the Real Combat Instructor Programme
Student of the Chu Sau
Lei Wing Chun (Chinese Boxing) System
PR24 Side Handled Baton Instructor
Flashlight defence Tactics Instructor