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Beginner's Walk to Jog Course

A 10 week total beginner's course to help you get your confidence and ability up and running! With UK Athletics endorsed 'Leadership in Running' qualified instructors, the course will be 10 weeks at around 45 minutes on a Thursday evening 6.45pm AND/OR a Mon eve, 6.45pm, meeting at the Community Centre, Shilton Park. We recommend that you jog twice per week, so if you can do both days, that will be great, but if you can only get to one, then we recommend you get out again sometime during the week. The course is flexible too, so you can swap from Mon one week to Thu the next if you are away or work shifts - Thu is a repeat of Mon.

Many of you will have looked at or tried the Couch to 5k programme - it's an awesome programme (and we loosely follow it), but there is no substitute for running with people of the same ability as you, and getting some information on breathing techniques, footfall, stretching, pacing, your running style, clothing, trainers and general running advice too. This will be our 14th course - we have found that the group ethos REALLY helps, and we have a private Facebook group especially for course members. For those who want to continue running with us after the course, we have 4 running groups per week, and 2 of those will be perfect for those just off the beginner's course! The Mon & Thu evening Gentle Joggers sessions will help you continue to improve, learn new training techniques and build your confidence to complete a 5km (or more!). However, there is no obligation to keep running with us - you'll have enough confidence to do it on your own after the course.

The cost of the Walk 2 Jog course is £60 for non-members.

If you want more information, drop us a line through this page, or via the JTAFit Facebook page, or email jtafit@gmail.com

Could this be the start of something amazing?
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