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Introduction to Aerial Hoop (4 week course)

Aerial Hoop (also known as the lyra,) gives you the opportunity to perform dynamic tricks, hangs and swings whilst suspended above the ground! The hoop provides the perfect frame for an endless variety of balances, transitions and routines. You will learn how to safely mount and dismount the hoop in a variety of ways as well as learning how to flow all your new moves together into a sequence. Aerial Hoop classes are great for building strength, stamina and increasing flexibility. Classes will give you a full body workout with extra focus on your core and upper body. A workout like no other! You can progress through the levels and develop your skills by learning harder, more advanced moves as your strength and confidence increase. Classes are structured and taught within a safe and friendly environment. No previous experience is necessary. Classes are fun, exciting and an extremely addictive way to workout! We try to maintain a strict ratio of three people per hoop, to ensure that everyone gets sufficient practice time.