Project HB TV; On-Demand Video Access
Project HB TV Access (auto-renews every month unless cancelled)
Unlimited access to all on-demand videos on Project HB TV. Membership starts on the day of purchase and lasts 1 month from that day. THIS MEMBERSHIP IS AUTOMATICALLY RENEWED EVERY MONTH, so if you don't want the next payment to leave your bank, please remember to pro-actively cancel your membership before your renewal date!!

Bumpfit Pregnancy Fitness Course - 10 month membership
Starts on the date of purchase. Valid for 10 months.
This membership gives you access to my comprehensive, holistic pre-natal fitness course, including tailored sessions in fitness, core strengthening, mobility preparation for motherhood, breathing for a strong labour, relaxation, and post-natal support and core repair. Also including down-to-earth videos with info on what to expect from your changing body and what this means for your fitness. Your access lasts for an entire 10 months from the date of purchase, so you can enjoy the course throughout your whole pregnancy and into the initial post-natal period (your "4th trimester").

You must have explicit permission from your healthcare professional (midwife or doctor) to partake in exercise during your pregnancy. If you experience any sharp or dull pain, light-headedness, headaches, swelling of the hands or feet, intense itching or bleeding, during your pregnancy, you must stop any exercise programme immediately and consult with your healthcare professional again to ensure you are still ok to continue exercising. Please put the health and safety of yourself and your baby first, and be sure to adhere to these guidelines before taking this course. If you have any questions about whether this course is suitable for you, prior to signing up, please email course founder Carly at Thank you!