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One-to-one post-natal fitness consultation

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A private, one to one online session for post-natal mums! Suitable for women who have had their baby 6 weeks ago (vaginal birth) or 12 weeks ago (Cesarean birth) and who want to chat to someone qualified, about getting back into exercise safely. I'll send you a pre-screening form once you've booked, and from that we'll discuss your physical health, I'll show you how to check for tummy gap separation (diastasis recti), we'll check your posture and I'll guide you through some stretches and core-restoration breathing exercises.

After the session, you'll be sent a personalised "Return To Movement" plan from me, based on what we discuss in the session.

If you're a new mum who wants to start exercising with me, I really recommend you book into one of these sessions first so you can make sure you know what level you're at, really honour your amazing post-birth body movement, and keep yourself safe.

I am fully qualified and insured to work with post-natal women, achieving my "Modern Post-Natal Exercise and Wellness" qualification in July 2019 with Burrell Education (

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Taught live and delivered online, straight into your home. No rushing to the gym, no waitlists, no gymtimidation... and you can roll out of bed and be ready to start class in two minutes!


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