10 a.m. - 11 a.m.

Sweat Stretch & Glow

Sweaty Betty Studio, Bristol (Sweaty Betty Studio, 59 Queens Road, Bristol, BS8 1QL, GB)
(Sweaty Betty Studio, 59 Queens Road, Bristol, BS8 1QL, GB)
7 out of 8 Attendees

A glorious full-body workout, designed to start your weekend with some seriously good vibes! You'll work through high energy, choreographed routines to a funky soundtrack, isolating different areas of the body via various disciplines including Pilates, yoga, HIIT, plyometrics, barre and traditional aerobics. After your Sweat, we centre the soul and end class with a nourishing Stretch. Make sure you've got a brunch date worthy of your after-class Glow!

Sweaty Betty Studio, Bristol


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