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MamaFit: Post-Natal Fitness Course

A body-positive, 6 week course for women who've given birth in the past year. If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed about how you're ever going to reconnect with your core, strengthen your pelvic floor & restore your tummy gap, then MamaFit is here to help you build foundational stability AND body confidence, without any body-shaming rubbish. We cultivate self-love and celebrate our post-birth bodies in these sessions!

MamaFit is a down-to-earth, empowering, practical 6 week post-natal fitness course, designed to help you do all of that strengthening, connecting and restoration in a safe, welcoming space. You can bring your baby with you too!

Run by a post-natal qualified, welcoming fitness instructor (Carly) who specialises in women's fitness, MamaFit will be taught with an educational, body-positive and energising approach, adapted to whatever level suits your individual needs.

Over the course, we'll pay respect to the amazing journey your body has just been on. You'll be properly checked for diastasis recti (tummy separation) and learn what all that means (spoiler alert - it's not as scary as it seems). We'll work your way up progressively through breathing to stretching and strengthening, functional movement and finally adding weights and impact when you're ready.

Want to get back to the gym and want to do it safely? This course will be a great foundation. Just want to be able to laugh without peeing again? Yup, give us 6 weeks and we'll get that sorted, too!

Prepare to build empowered foundations for this exciting new phase of your life as a strong warrior mama.

You will need to book in and complete an initial, compulsory health assessment form which you will be sent via email, prior to your first session on this course. We may need to chat further, depending on your responses. This will allow me to assess your post-birth needs, and ensure I'm the right trainer for you!

You must also provide evidence that your doctor or midwife has given you the all clear to exercise again, post-birth, before you start this course. You must have had your baby a minimum of 6 weeks prior to start course date (vaginal birth) or 12 weeks prior (c-section birth).

Please note we have VERY limited space for buggies, so sling-travel or car-seats for any sleepers are requested where possible.