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Junior Golf Strength & Conditioning

Golf Strength and Conditioning for Junior Athletes Ages 12-17

Sessions will take place at 6:30pm-7:30pm each week for 10 weeks.

We believe in equipping the next generation of golfers for the future of the sport.

Our program has helped produce England regional standouts and Junior amateur champions.

This course will teach them

The basics of proper strength training
How to navigate the gym environment
How to use equipment like barbells and dumbbells
How to lift safely and effectively
Lifestyle habits that will assist their golf career Insights from staff that have coached from Junior to European tour levels
Training in an elite training environment

£110 for the whole course, equalling £11 per session.

With regards to the outline, the first and last session of the 10 weeks will be testing, so we can hopefully see how much the players are improving, and figure out where they are in terms of fitness and strength. The sessions in-between will focus on learning the basic movements, some bodyweight work to build basic strength, and then move on to some light bar work and strength training. If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to discuss this with myself william@powering-through.com. The programme will follow a very similar philosophy to the one adopted within the England Golf regional squads, national squads and the philosophy I am currently trying to bring to the European Tour. So this will really stand your kids in good stead for the future, at any level. It will also help them develop as an athlete, which will help in any other sports they play and for long term health.

With William Wayland Strength and Conditioning Consultant to European & Challenge tours