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Clarity Breathwork Ceremony with Nid Ra

Clarity Breathwork™ is a safe and gentle tool for emotional release. It allows you to breathe more fully into the heart and create space for transformation in your life through the breath! The practice focuses on your ability to consciously transform your experience and be an active co-creator of your life.

The increased oxygen and detoxification process bring insights and wisdom from your soul to clear old patterns, lift off limiting beliefs and reduce negative thoughts to feel more free and think more consciously.


Discover the healing power of your breath and...

Gently cleanse emotions and thoughts to break free.

Awaken the wisdom directly from your soul.

Connect more fully to speaking your truth.

Embrace self-love to safely hold the fears within.

Be empowered with a practice you can do alone.


Watch this video of Nid explaining Clarity Breathwork.



Nid supports busy, often professional, people who are tired, feel uninspired and sometimes lost, to get clear, revitalised and confident about their life with nurturing, pragmatic tools and kind strategies. 

In 2021, Nid received international acclaim for her yoga nidra practices and videos of fun simple self-care tips by Forks Over Knives. Nid’s 20 years of multidisciplinary training combined with her former legal career, enables her to provide a unique approach and understanding to uplift and empower others to live their best life. 



Nid says, "I discovered Clarity Breathwork following years of healing from a brain injury. I had rebuilt a wonderful life yet had severe nightmares. Clarity Breathwork supported me to truly embrace the shadows, celebrate my power and deepened my reverence for life. Every breath is a moment to peel back a layer of perspective and be reborn, now the only question I ask myself is 'How much more love can I be in this world?' I offer this to all my clients."


Investment is £30 (terms and conditions apply).