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Gong Bath Evening

Join Graham from JollyBeats for an evening of therapeutic sound.

A Gong Bath offers a rare opportunity to lay down in a safe, group environment, close your eyes and switch off from your busy life.

Gongs and Therapeutic Percussion are played live in the room to create soothing sounds that will wash over you. Following a Gong Bath, people often report feeling soothed, calmed, relaxed, energised and grounded.

What's the difference between a Gong and a Sound Bath? Graham explains, ”Sound Baths include a range of instruments and tones and therefore make for a more varied relaxation, whereas the Gong Baths focus on the Gongs which offer fewer changes in tones and have potential for a deeper relaxation to be achieved.”

£14 investment. Booking terms and conditions apply.

The sessions are not recommended if you are in the first trimester of pregnancy or if you have:
A pacemaker or metal implants.
Epilepsy or other types of seizures.
A sound sensitive condition (Labyrinthitus, Meniers Disease).

For further information about Gong/Sound Baths and Sound Therapy please visit www.jollybeats.co.uk