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Anatomy and Movement

For yoga, pilates, resistance and strength practitioners, teachers, movement trainers, therapists or anyone with a keen interest in anatomy and movement.

I am NOT an expert on anatomy or movement and I don't claim to be. I don't have a degree in either and I am not particularly, "educated". However I am inquisitive, interested and highly focused on the subjects that fascinate me, movement and anatomy.

Some of questions I wanted answered;

How does the body move? Are we a system of levers and pulley, machine, computer, slings or fascial lines? Where does this language even come from? Why do we have a hole in our pelvis? What is the relevance of head position to foot pain or gait? What relevance do Asian genetics play? Why is the head not centred over the spine? Why have we more movement issues and pain now than ever before? What do muscles attach to if not bone? Do fascia lines exist, do Unicorns exist? What even is fascia? Do Muscles stretch? What is the difference between exercise and movement?

And many more questions opened up, discussed and answered.

Stuart McCabe has dedicated his training to understanding anatomy, movement, compensation patterns, the bodies relationship to itself, structure, alignment, breathing and centring. Having studied differing anatomy qualifications through various governing bodies, he has gone on to train with the likes of Gary Carter, Tom Myers, Julian Baker all with differing approaches to understanding our body. As well as the many modalities he both designs, teaches and has been involved in, he is a Massage Therapist and Bodyworker. Taking his approach even further he has gone onto perform body pro sections at institutions such as Nottinghams Queen University Hospital or Kings College London to full body dissection at St. Andrews University Scotland in an effort to understand the body back down to basic structure and back to the whole. He brings you an approach to understanding movement in a different way to the anatomy and physiology many people are taught or think of.

Stuart says, "I don't have all the answers and I continue to explore and evolve my thinking and understanding. The workshop is my understanding of where I am after 30 years of studying anatomy and movement through; Bodybuilding, Martial Arts, Yoga, Pilates, Surfing, Running, Climbing, Snowboarding and any other of the many pursuits I have enjoyed and continue to explore. I like to think I know how much I don't know."

This workshop is aimed at taking the complex and making it simple and relevant to all types and styles of training, trainer and teacher. Whether you want to advance your yoga practice, understand more about running, gain an insight into your resistance training, have just finished a teacher training, are a PT, therapist or simply interested in understanding a bit more about the world you inhabit called your body system. The workshop will take you through your body at a tour de force.