Whether at home, in the studio, in the training group or in practice - tradition and innovation form a unit here

The active principles of the SPINEFITTER by SISSEL ® are not new. Many of them have been known for centuries and have established themselves over time when it comes to combating physical ailments and restrictions. Nevertheless, with the SPINEFITTER , SISSEL ® has for the first time managed to combine these principles in a training device that can be used intuitively. The SPINEFITTER by SISSEL ® is practical, contemporary and effective, without neglecting proven treatment concepts . The SPINEFITTER by SISSEL ® is an innovative fitness tool that combines relaxation and effective training into an effective unit.

These factors contribute to your physical wellbeing:

Deep, intensive pressure on both sides of the spine has a relaxing effect on the entire musculature
Joints are promoted in their mobility and blocked muscle zones are stimulated
Notice a loosening of the shoulder girdle already occurs on the SPINE FITTER by SISSEL in the rest position ®
The multifunctional design of the SPINEFITTER enables you to do a holistic training that extends beyond the mentioned areas to applications to improve coordination, balance and muscular strengthening


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