Midlife Makeover Course -
Starts on the date of purchase. Never Expires.
The changes that affect our body as we head towards the Peri menopause can leave us feeling exhausted from lack of sleep, an emotional wreck and any sense of feeling sexy can seem like it has long gone! However, it doesn't have to be like that, just by making some small but effective changes you will start to notice your 'old' self returning. 

During this one day course you will build a Midlife lifestyle, nutrition and movement plan specific to your needs and goals, which Sam will help you follow over the following 7 weeks. In addition to this you will have  
Two 20 minute phone calls with Sam to help keep you on tract and accountable – date and time to suit.
6 SLJ Hi Met classes – this is one type of exercise women in the Menopause should be choosing to do.
A personalised exercise and movement plan for you to follow for 7 week or ever!
A three day weight loss kick start plan.
A 28 day food plan to help you include foods which support the hormonal changes in menopause.
In order to be able to offer all of this, the course is being offered to a limited number of ladies, there are 4 spaces remaining.

Terms and Conditions

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