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Weekly Dru Yoga

Description - (please scroll down to book)
One and a half hour Dru yoga classes geared towards over fifties, but you are welcome at any age!

You will increase your health and well-being on all levels, increase knowledge of and confidence with yoga techniques helping you to make the most of Dru Yoga both within and outside of the class setting. The nurturing style of Dru Yoga can leave you feeling uplifted and inspired. Yoga classes are an hour and a half long. Whilst there are variations in pace and content, classes are based around the following format:

Short welcome and time to connect with body and breath.
Fun, easy to do movements to music, allowing you to warm up muscles, loosen up the joints and feel energised.
Energy Block Release Sequence, (flowing movements, specific to Dru yoga, that help to release tension physically, mentally, and emotionally)
Asanas (postures) or Yoga sequences.
Pranayama. specific breathing techniques
Deep relaxation, allowing you to feel rejuvenated.

Booking information
Sessions can be booked on a drop in basis or as a block.

For block bookings, you can book either:
- Group 1 block of Tuesday sessions
- Group 2 block of Friday noon sessions
- Group 3 block of Friday 2pm sessions

If you book a group block, e.g. group 1 Tuesday sessions, but are unable to attend any sessions within that group, you are able to swap and are entitled to the equvalent number of sessions in the other group, e.g. group 2 Friday sessions.
Here's how:
- Go to 'manage sessions'
- Untick any sessions in that group that you are unable to attend.
- Tick the equivalent number of sessions in the other group
If you have made a block booking, but know you are unable to attend specific sessions please untick any sessions you are unable to attend, even if you are unable to make up the sessions in the other group, as this helps us keep track of numbers!

If you wish to swap, but the other group is full, or you need any help please contact me jane@relaxwithlakshmi.com / 0786 6482136

Class information

Tuesdays - Flowing Dru Yoga. Mixed ability, with an upbeat feel, suitable for beginners

Fridays noon - Gentle, Relaxing Dru Yoga Mixed ability, especially good for beginners and those who would like gentle yoga.

Fridays 2pm - Gentle yoga specifically geared for beginners