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A coached Nutrition Programm lead by Former CM2 Coach Debbie Manlove and Holly Hammill from Nutrition90. More than a typical new-year diet, it will kick off with a Whole30 reset, followed by two 30-day phases where you will learn to consolidate and perfect habits to avoid the normal boomerang effect which follows most short term diet plans.

Nutrition90: 3 month Coached Nutrition Program

Whether your aim is fat loss or improved performance, this 90 day coached nutrition program will guide you towards your goals.
For CM2 Members the price is £120 (£40 per month)- when booking use the code KICKSTART2016 on Team Up. This will register as £0 and the payment will be made direct to Deb- she will send you an e-payment link.

So what am I getting?
There are 3 x 30-day phases designed to help you reset your nutrition habits for 2016 whether you want that beach body, to hit a PB clean and jerk or beat your current 5k time. They are:
Stage 1. Reset & Kick Start. Sunday 10th January 8-9am
Stage 2. Form Healthy Habits. Sunday 7th February 8-9am.
Stage 3. Become a Nutrition Ninja. Saturday 19th March 8am.

The program will be tailored to individuals based on your main priority: fat loss, improved performance or weight gain. You will be encouraged to develop individualised habits which will help you reach beyond the initial 30 day challenge and set you up for long term success. Throughout the 90 days you'll have access to both coaches through a private Facebook group which will also provide a platform for information, encouragement and discussion with other participants of the program. Each stage is preceded by a 1-hour seminar led by our two Precision Nutrition Certified Coaches - Debs & Holly. In addition you will receive regular email correspondence to keep you motivated and provide recipes and tips for success.

So, to summarise, the Package includes:
3 x 1-hour Nutrition Seminars.
Access to Coaches via Private Facebook Group Initial Resource Pack (including recipes).
Bi-weekly emails for support Body composition analysis including weight, circumferences and full skin-fold measurements - the most reliable form of body fat % calculation x 3 on Day 0, Day 30, Day 90. (normally £50 per set of measurements)

If you would like further details or have any questions before registering please contact us

Debs | debs@blitzcrossfit.com or call 07540761869
Hol | hollyhammill@me.com or call 07730033804