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8 Week Powerlifting Course - Squat

Strength is the component of fitness that underpins many other areas of fitness. If you are looking to increase your Speed, Power & Endurance…then get stronger!

Each course will have a base lift focus that will run in 8-week cycles – the squat, bench press or deadlift. Over the 8 weeks we will target improvement in a specific base lift, with structured program focusing on pure strength development and mastery of technique. Within the sessions there will then be a secondary focus on accessory work that will aid further progression towards the base lift. The course will finish with some baseline testing on the lift itself to record strength & technical improvement over the 8 weeks!

Open to both men and women of any age or ability. Ideal for anyone looking to get strong or those looking to enhance their Powerlifting, Weightlifting & CrossFit workouts.