8 p.m. - 8:45 p.m.

Ballet Pointe with Kate - Online

Studio 2021

Ballet Pointe class with Kate

Kate’s pointe class is suitable for dancers with some experience en pointe already, looking to strengthen their pointe work from home, even in a limited space. Kate will focus on each student’s personal corrections and goals and offer a more challenging version of each exercise for the more experienced dancers. The class will begin with a short warm-up using a theroband, so please bring one if possible, otherwise and towel or t-shirt will work fine. It’s advised to do your own full-body warm-up beforehand or one of the stretch classes available.
Naturally relaxed and upbeat, Kate comes from a strict dance background so be ready to work hard and make steady progress. You will need a chair back for a barre and a ideally wooden or smoother floor. Teacher Kate Byrne studied with Birmingham Royal Ballet and Ecole Superieure de Danse a Cannes. Her style combines the precision found in the English technique with the passion and expression typical of French approaches. She has danced with The English National Ballet, Ballet Zurich, Ballet Tivoli and The Royal Opera House and teaches across London.

Studio 2021

How to optimise your experience at Virtual Studio 2021:

Please dial in 5 minutes before your class and enter the waiting room until your instructor admits you
Please have water to hand
If its a Barre class you will need the back of a high chair, table or counter top to use as a barre
You may find a towel or yoga mat more comfortable for floor work
If you have yoga blocks or resistance bands there will be modifications and options for using these as well
Some classes will have optional progressions using weights, bands and either soft gym balls or tennis balls so if you wish to add those progressions please bring any equipment you have

All pets welcome... our Fitness Feline Archie is looking forward to meeting student’s pets online

Before we start:
Please test your camera angle to make sure I can see you while you’re working if you’d like guidance through class
Please make sure the battery on your devise is full or plugged in.
New students: I will be in touch to arrange a quick catch up on any injuries or physical needs before class.
Existing students: If anything has changed in your health or fitness level please let me know ahead of time so content is prepared.

*** Please note it is necessary to have your video on at least at the start of the class for introductions to each other and preferably during the rest of class to allow me to keep you safe from injury. ***

If you don’t join us for stretch class you can now follow a 10 minute post workout stretch and relax video here:

I’m looking forward to seeing you all online, your login details should be available from the class page.
Natalie x


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