7 Janvier 2019
Launching your business on social media

Social media - everyone is on it, but not many know how to use it well for their businesses. How important is it to be present on social media? How much time should you devote to it? Is it even worth using at all? Yvonne Radley, Stacey Snedden, Ben Davis, Chris Burgess and Liam Thompson give some specific advice on which platforms to use, how to use them, how much to use them and what to prioritise.

Key Takeaways

  • Have a strong business page
  • Choose which platform depending on where your clients are
  • Post images of events, classes, success stories. The more pictures of students the better
  • The best type of content is real content
  • Focus advertising on your local area with specific deals
  • Boost the most popular posts to maximise your reach
  • Prove that what you do works. That people enjoy their experience and are achieving the outcomes that they want
  • Top of mind awareness is key

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