7 de Enero de 2019
Help new members get what they need early on

First impressions count, and welcoming new members is key to running a successful fitness business. How can you make sure they see the value in what you do? Helping new customers feel comfortable will encourage results. Chris Burgess, Stacey Snedden, and Ricky Knight chat through some of the things that have worked in their businesses, and give tips on how you can give an amazing early experience.

Key Takeaways

  • When someone comes in for the first time, pair them up with someone who has walked that path before.
  • Use automation to deliver regular check-ins
  • Make sure that everything you promise in your advertising is being delivered
  • Ask! “Is there more we could do to help?”
  • Clearly label classes for beginners so that experienced members don’t intimidate newbies
  • Match instructors to the stage of the new member

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