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One of my biggest concerns when we first opened our affiliate was having an easy to use front end system for our members and, as important, a quick user friendly back-end set-up which would not require time I could better use with my members. I have found Teamup to be a great fit for our box. Our members all register from their cell-phones for class and I can very quickly make changes on the fly to modify our offerings, class times, or products. I researched every system available on the market for affiliate owners and I am extremely happy with our choice of Teamup. The support we have received over the past year has been nothing short of fantastic.

Aubrey Felton

The Steel Yard CrossFit

James Cash

Phoenix Fitness Group

The simplicity of Teamup really works for us. As a customer it's user friendly but the back end is very informative. Great features are at a glance upcoming information and a very useful thing is the birthday announcements. The team are very good at getting back to either you or the customer with the issue, which helps us with the running of the gym.

Georgia Hall

Underground Fitness

Teamup has helped me feel much more organised in my business. It has streamlined our booking system and taken out a step of our old process that has freed up time for me and put control in the hands of the client. My customers find it simple to use, even technophobes. Support are brilliant. Quick replies to queries, patience and understanding for slow brains.

Quintan Sanft

Fitness Pacific

Teamup has been a great resource for us and has changed my business. It allows us to see who is coming in for sessions and plan accordingly. Teamup has made everything easier. Our members have loved using Teamup, it has made it easier for them to book into sessions, pay for sessions or memberships. They can also add the booking system onto their mobile. The support have been very good. They are very quick at responding and solving any problems.

When opening Optimal Sports Performance we wanted to make sure we had a membership system in place that makes our life a lot easier. Teamup has given us that and more. The platform has allowed us to have control over our clients memberships, bookings and finances all through the very handy dashboard. The seamless design saves so much time as its all in one place and keeps the focus of running the gym 'in the gym' and not at the bank or on the phone. Our customers bought into the system straight away and found Teamup extremely easy to use, we often get really positive feedback on what a good idea its been. The support from the initial set up to everyday queries has been outstanding, we had several phone calls to start with and a very fast response with anything else we need help with. If we we're asked to rate teamup it would be a no brainer '10/10'.

Jon Aldridge

Optimal Sports Performance

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Before Teamup I was a slave to my business. I always liked the physical aspect of a paper system and was hesitant about changing such a vital part of my business to an online booking system. However, I can honestly say it has been the greatest thing I could’ve done. I now wonder why I never made the leap sooner. Before Teamup, I would be constantly answering enquiries from my clients, booking them in, cancelling them, checking they were booked in. The amount of calls, texts and emails I would answer on a daily basis was insane. Even at midnight I’d still be ensuring everything was ok and answering enquiries. Teamup has changed everything. My clients love that they can log in and amend their bookings so easily from their phones and I love that they don't have to contact me to do this. My customers find the system very user friendly and are always able to make bookings without any trouble.

Lorna Thomas

Pole Athletes

Pippa Loveridge


My customers love Teamup - it's easy, they can book in from their phones and they can book lessons well in advance for busy classes. Support are on the ball - quick answers, and easy to understand instructions - we recommend it to everyone who asks about quick and easy bookings. We investigated lots of other options, and Teamup, although new at the time, was the best on the market. LOVE IT!

Andrew Hitch

CrossFit Firehills

Teamup has made a huge difference to my CrossFit box and how it runs. From my perspective, Teamup saves me an enormous amount of time in terms of data capture and running the financial side of the business, allowing me to focus on providing the best CrossFit box I can to my members. I can easily create new offerings - from new locations to new events - and if I need help, teamup support is just a quick message away.

David McManus

CrossFit Lurgan

Teamup is a great asset to the smooth running of our box, managing payments, membership options and class bookings - it's a tool we could not do without now. Our favourite feature is the automated collection of membership payments which saves us time in admin. Our customers find the software very easy to use. The support team is always on hand to help out should you have any set up issues.

Teamup has helped me easily take payments and organise the registrations of my classes, allowing me to focus on the teaching and not worry about the admin. No wondering who is turning up and/or having to fumble around checking who has paid and having to take cash. Running classes and 1-to-1s primarily outdoors, it is essential I have a hassle free solution, that takes care of these functions and legitimises the process smoothly to give customers confidence when committing to trying my services. Easy. Secure. The feedback I get is always complementary and it makes me look like I am very organised - a feat in itself. :)

Ben Medder

Ben Medder Coaching

Even More Happy Customers

I like how easy it is for the customer to book into classes.

Andrew Michaelides

United Martial Arts

The ease of use and the customer service is 1st class.

Paul Sizer

CrossFit Hull

Has made running my business much easier.

Sam Amey


It saves me hours worth of paperwork.

Chris Cummins

CrossFit Skipton

Teamup has been a huge help to me in running the gym.

Stella Bartram

Stella Bartram Fitness

Wonderful for managing customers and sessions.

Annie Ottey

CrossFit Raeda

Easy to use for both admin and members. Good reporting, good value.

Mari Nakanishi

Sugar Pole Fitness

From the very beginning great customer service, personal set up, felt like it wasn't a "faceless" brand – personal.

Josh Pearson

Results For Life Project

The customer service has been superb - I have a lot of questions and they're always answered quickly and I never feel like I'm bothering anyone.

Malik Turley

Hip Circle Studios

Teamup makes my life easier. At the touch of a button I can see who is attending a class. It also gives the gym a professional touch allowing them to manage their own memberships and class bookings.

Luke Andrews

CrossFit Tewkesbury

From my experience the system 'does what it says on the tin' + tons more. Also the level of support is outstanding.

Carl Parkes

Second City CrossFit

I like the way it makes my life easier to keep track of my customers, i.e. bookings for classes, payments, memberships.

Brendan Roos

CrossFit Rayleigh

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