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Automatic online waivers

Customers sign waiver before they can purchase or book. Digital and IP timestamps protect you.

"The customer interface for team up provides a low cost, highly effective and high professional service to the membership base. Signing in, waivers and health questions in a paper format are history."

Jamie Walton CrossFit Northumbria

Set different waivers for different activities

Whether you are offering courses for kids or bungee jumping for seniors, teamup has you covered.

Custom questions

Add any questions you want to ask customers before purchase - PARQ, lifestyle, safety or marketing.

Emergency contacts

Switch on one-click modules to collect vital information. Customer database contains everything in one easy download.

Something specific you are looking for?

Schedule a one-on-one personal call with our business experts, and we’ll get into the detail of how to help you take your business to the next level.